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I believe that during the course of a person’s life, one goes through different “phases”. In each phase, change occurs; sometimes this change is intense and creates a massive wave, while other times it is subtle, sometimes so subtle that many don’t even notice it.

The point of the change is not the magnitude of the physical change (if there are any), but rather the change that is created on the inside, the change which creates an expansion of the individuals mind and environment.

In each phase, the individual goes through a “finding myself” stage. This does not necessarily mean that through the previous years the person does not know who they are, but sometimes it does. But what I apply to this stage is the finding of who the person is in this new stage of their life, and helping them with expansion of the mind in experience, learning, and opportunity.

Like almost every person on this planet, I have followed society's stigma of who to be, how to be, what to be, when to be, etc. My parents instilled these “rules of society” deep within me. Mother often teaching me what a “lady” can do and what she must never do; and shaving one’s hair is definitely not a “norm” in society.

While I lived this life of being the person that everyone expected me to be, I kept a large part of myself buried.

In the past several months, I have had some pretty dramatic health scares and major changes in my life. These situations often bring people to start examining their lives and looking at parts of themselves that they had not truly explored before. We often hear of such stories from individuals who “give everything up” to follow their dream of acting, or singing, or sports. Are they truly “giving everything up”, or are they simply expanding their horizons and adding a new dimension to their Being-ness?

As I examined the dimensions of my Self that I wanted to explore and create as a part of my Being, I felt this person aching to burst forward; and I literally felt this as a pain in the middle of my chest… my heart chakra area.

So in my expression of this new stage of my life, I shaved my hair off.

While I know it is rather extreme, this past week of living as a bald woman has brought many things to my attention; one is cancer, and the many women who lose their hair during dramatic chemotherapy treatments. The other is Alopecia. I actually have a couple of lady friends with this disorder, one wears the most beautiful wigs and will not show herself without a covering, the other has long thrown her wigs away and now walks proudly as a bald headed woman.

I have learned that there are many children and women with this skin disorder.

So, while I had originally shaved my hair for my own expression of Self, I have decided to take this further, to live as a bald woman for a period of time, and to blog about my experiences.

I do this in honour of young girls and boys, women (and men) throughout the world who are hairless not necessarily by choice, and I do it in honour of those brave ladies who are hairless by choice.

Please subscribe to my blog and follow my updates and my experiences. Who knows where this will take me, but I hope that wherever it does, it will make a huge wave and bring awareness and ACCEPTANCE to a society where a woman without hair is fodder for looks, stares, comments, etc.

 Full head of hair on May 13th 2010

Sans hair - June 10th 2010